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villa in Santa Ponsa newly-built

Santa Ponsa, Luxurious, newly-built villa with direct access to the harbour of Santa Ponsa

1.139 m²

2.065 m²


€ 12,500,000.-

villa in Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa, Modern villa with wonderful views on the 1st sea line in El Toro

384 m²

770 m²


€ 6,250,000.-

villa in Santa Ponsa new

Santa Ponsa, Fantastic new build luxury villa in Santa Ponsa

773 m²

1.855 m²


€ 5,500,000.-

villa in Santa Ponsa newly-built

Santa Ponsa, Luxurious newly-built property in Nova Santa Ponsa with views of the Malgrats islands

500 m²

1.535 m²


€ 4,990,000.-

villa in Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa, Fantastic newly-built villa with pool and sea views quietly-located in Santa Ponsa

640 m²

960 m²


€ 4,850,000.-

villa in Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa, Impressive newly-built villa with sea views in Santa Ponsa

410 m²

1.200 m²


€ 3,590,000.-

house in Santa Ponsa sold

Santa Ponsa, Wonderful newly-built villa in a top-quality location in Santa Ponsa

350 m²

1.010 m²



house in Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa, Family-friendly house with private garden and pool in Santa Ponsa

282 m²

1.484 m²


€ 1,800,000.-

villa in Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa, Beautiful villa with sea views in the golf community near the Santa Ponsa country club

300 m²

400 m²


€ 1,600,000.-

villa in Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa, Modernised house in El Toro with sweeping views

198 m²

500 m²


€ 1,385,000.-

house in Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa, Luxuriously-equipped terraced house with direct sea views over the bay of Santa Ponsa

224 m²



€ 1,350,000.-

apartment in Santa Ponsa new

Santa Ponsa, Light-flooded apartment on the 1st sea line in Santa Ponsa

85 m²


€ 1,300,000.-

apartment in Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa, Bright modern apartment in calm development at the golf course II in Santa Ponsa

176 m²


€ 990,000.-

apartment in Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa, Newly-renovated apartment very close to the beach in Santa Ponsa

109 m²


€ 330,000.-


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About Santa Ponsa and surrounding area:

Santa Ponsa

Port Adriano, Santa Ponsa

Hard to believe, but here in Santa Ponsa, at the foot of Galatzò, the sacred mountain of Majorca, it all began. Historians assume that here 6,000 years ago, the population of Majorca started on the "Costa de la Calma".

History of Santa Ponsa

In the "Parque Archeologico Puig de Sa Morisca" you can still admire the testimonies to the talayotic settlements through remains of a circular building with a typical diameter of about 9 metres. For early historical conditions a villa, but whether the exposed area of Santa Ponsa then allowed generous building permits, remains speculation. Only one thing is certain, today's wide range of houses, villas and apartments managed by real estate brokers around Santa Ponsa offered to interested buyers from all over the world, did not exist at that time. But lets leave the offers of magnificent villas that dot the surrounding hills today and return to the story.

Coast of Santa Ponsa

Coast of Santa Ponsa

Here on the coast of the large town of Santa Ponsa with its 12,000 residents on the south west coast of Majorca, the conquest of the island began. After crossing from Barcelona during an Autumn storm, the army of knights with King James I arrived in great distress (the king promised in his agony that he would build the Blessed Virgin Mary a church when they rescued him) in September 1929 completing the Christian army expedition. To commemorate this historic event, the "Creu de la Conquesta," or "Cross of conquest" was placed in 1929 for 700 anniversaries. Since that time the cross was often destroyed by lightning and storms at sea, but always re-erected anew.

The town fathers also hold the spectacle "Moros i Cristians" every year in September which is very popular with tourists and has been upheld for some time. This pageant is really quite amusing. Brown rough Moors with turbans on their heads and a scimitar in hand are beaten by Christian knights with shields and swords into flight. However, in order to honour of the historical truth, it must be admitted that the Spaniards arrived unmolested by the Mohammedans on the beach of Santa Ponsa.

Evening mood on the coast of Santa Ponsa

Evening mood on the coast of Santa Ponsa

Only about 6 km west, on a small hill in front of Magalluf there was the first battle. Although here two nephews of the king were lost, the Spanish expeditionary force won. After the victorious battle a priest celebrated on a stone slab, the first Catholic Mass on the island.

Today, the small coastal town is of course much more peaceful, where the newly built villas have taken over the mountain hill "Sat Marisca" to enjoy the sweeping view of the blue sea. But those wanting to feel a certain adventure attraction even today, can swing from treetop to treetop in the "Jungle Parc" with rope and swings.

Golf in Santa Ponsa

Those wanting a more down to earth but often not less stressful sport, "Santa Ponsa", is the right choice as it is also the Mecca for golf fanatics. Here you can find three golf courses, two public and one private, for the lover of the little white ball game. For those who can not get enough of the "beautiful game", a well-kept house can be purchased directly by the golf course, with views of the fairway.

Water sports in Club Nautic Santa and Port Adriano

But also the water sports enthusiasts will get their moneys' worth. In "Club Nautic" Port Adriano over 500 boat berths are available. Divers and snorkelers have the bizarre rock formations of the "Malgrats" island groups as ideal opportunities to indulge their hobby underwater. Many shops and restaurants invite you at any time to stroll and linger.

Club Nautic Santa Ponsa

Club Nautic in Santa Ponsa

In June 2012, Porta Mallorquina opened its own estate agency on the Boulevard Santa Ponsa. In 2021 the shop moved to Calvia. Franchise partner Timo Weibel and his team have a wide range of villas, houses and apartments around Santa Ponsa.

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