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Information on Spanish real estate law

When purchasing or selling a property in Spain it is necessary to observe the country-specific regulations in order to satisfy the legal requirements in full and, on the other hand, to make full use of the tax advantages available.

Law and Taxes We recommend, therefore, that our customers take professional advised from a competent law firm. Competent legal advice and preparation guarantees you not only the safe and legal purchase or sale of a property, but also the optimal taxation treatment.

Porta Mallorquina cooperates with selected law firms and lawyers in Mallorca who specialize in real estate law and, in particular, the sale and purchase of property in Spain by non-residents, and will advise you in your mother tongue.

In addition, we regularly inform about new developments in Spanish real estate and tax law in our blog and our monthly newsletter.

We have put together a selection of interesting articles on these topics for you. Please note that this is only general information, not legal advice, and the legal situations to which the articles refer may have changed in the meantime.

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