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Exclusive villa with sea views in Puerto Andratx. Tips for property buyers.


Buying a property in Spain is very different to buying a property anywhere else in Europe. We have compiled the most important points to ensure the legal purchase of a property in Majorca in our guideline “Tips for Property Buyers”.

Please note that it is not legal advice, but purely for information purposes. Depending on the individual case, it is recommended that you consult a solicitor in Majorca before buying. Porta Mallorquina Real Estate S.L.U. has been working with reputable solicitors for many years and will be happy to give you suitable recommendations.

We at Porta Mallorquina Real Estate will assist you, as a buyer, with any questions you may have.

With the assistance of the authorities and solicitors we can, for instance, clarify the following points for our clients:

  • Are all parts of the property legal?
  • Is an extract from the land register available?
  • Is there an energy certificate and habitability certificate?
  • Is there a guaranteed water and electricity supply (documentation)?
  • Apartment purchase: Confirmation that there are no outstanding payments owed to the owner community. The minutes of the last owners meeting. Were extraordinary cost allocations decided upon?
  • Rented property: Under what circumstances can the rent contract be terminated? Does the tenant have the right of first refusal?

Step by step to your own house


Your real estate consultant will help you to find the right property and will advise you on site with everything you need to know about the property. He is your first point of contact for all questions. This service is free of charge for home-buyers as the consultant is appointed and paid by the owner.

New: Individual online-viewing with your Porta Mallorquina real estate advisor

You have chosen your property and can’t wait to view it? Then our new video viewings are just right for you! Accompany your real estate consultant on a tour of the property of your choice – from the comfort of your couch!

Online-viewing works like this:

  • In your property enquiry indicate that you are interested in an online-viewing, or contact your advisor directly.
  • Your Porta Mallorquina real estate consultant will then arrange an individual appointment with you. There is a wide range of technical possibilities – you choose the system you would prefer to use, for example WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype, Google Hangout or Zoom, and you will be contacted punctually by a video call at the time agreed. Your consultant will then be located at your desired property.
  • Now your online tour of the house begins, and during the whole time you can ask questions and control the tour.

For data-protection reasons we will not, of course, record any of the conversation.

Should you require any further information on our online-viewing the Porta Mallorquina team is at your service and will be happy to assist you. Please contact us by email at: or call us on +34 971 698 242.

Sales documentation

Depending on the type of property it is advisable to contact further experts such as architects, tax consultants or a lawyer. Porta Mallorquina Real Estate has cooperated for years with reliable partners and we will be glad to recommend these to you.

Option contract

Private contract between buyer and owner with option-to-buy payment. With this the owner is bound to the sale and can only withdraw upon payment of a penalty. Should the buyer withdraw he loses his option payment.

Application for a NIE-number

Those who do not have residency in Spain require a foreigner’s identity number (NIE) for the purchase of a property. This can be applied for personally with the immigration authorities or outside Spain in a Spanish consulate at the applicant’s place of residence. Some lawyers also offer to carry out the application.

Powers of attorney

At the notary appointment personal appearance of both parties is obligatory. If you prefer to be represented by a third party, it is important to note that in Spain a general authorisation is not accepted and must describe exactly for what purposes the power of attorney is valid. A foreign authorisation must have an apostille and some notaries also require a sworn translation.

Notary contract

For a legally valid sale a notarial certificate is required, and upon issue of this the buyer receives the property and the seller the amount of the purchase price. Important: The indispensable entry in the land register must be carried out separately.

The Porta Mallorquina Real Estate Team is at your disposal if you have any further questions about the purchase of property in Majorca. You can call us seven days a week on +34 971 698 242 or send an e-mail to Email to Porta Mallorquina.

Our sales shop in Artà

Our sales shop in Artà

More information about Majorca and about properties in Majorca is available in our blog at Blog Porta Mallorquina

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