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villa in Valldemossa

Valldemossa, Mansion house with extraordinary views over Valldemosa

487 m²

3.494 m²


€ 3,450,000.-

finca in Valldemossa

Valldemossa, Magnificent villa with tremendous views of Valdemossa

253 m²

19.895 m²


€ 2,950,000.-

house in Valldemossa with Holiday license

Valldemossa, A unique property - an oasis with absolute privacy only a stone's throw from Valldemossa

210 m²

15.000 m²


€ 2,650,000.-

villa in Valldemossa with Holiday license

Valldemossa, High quality cosy villa in Valldemossa

508 m²

1.028 m²


€ 1,900,000.-

plot in Valldemossa

Valldemossa, Very beautiful building plot at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains

242.000 m²



€ 1,800,000.-

villa in Valldemossa

Valldemossa, Villa with wonderful views and 2 guest houses in Valldemosa

385 m²

2.639 m²


€ 1,800,000.-

villa in Valldemossa

Valldemossa, Phenomenal, furnished house with tourist-renting licence

350 m²

1.100 m²


€ 1,480,000.-

villa in Valldemossa

Valldemossa, Comfortable villa with wonderful sunsets over the sea in Valldemosa

130 m²

3.000 m²


€ 936,000.-

villa in Valldemossa

Valldemossa, Newly-built villa project in Valldemossa

310 m²

2.398 m²


€ 900,000.-

villa in Valldemossa

Valldemossa, High-quality villa with pool and wonderful views in Valldemossa

281 m²

497 m²


€ 800,000.-

house in Valldemossa

Valldemossa, Unique property in the charterhouse of Valldemossa

158 m²



€ 750,000.-

villa in Valldemossa with Holiday license

Valldemossa, Just steps from the village and with touristic licence

240 m²

3.727 m²


€ 635,000.-

plot in Valldemossa

Valldemossa, Urban plot with clear views and only 5 minutes walk from Valldemossa

1.030 m²



€ 330,000.-

plot in Valldemossa

Valldemossa, Wonderful building plot close to Valldemossa

2.398 m²



€ 290,000.-

plot in Valldemossa sold

Valldemossa, Building plot with wonderful views over the green countryside in Valldemossa

1.337 m²




house in Valldemossa sold

Valldemossa, Charming village house in the centre of Valldemossa

125 m²




plot in Valldemossa

Valldemossa, Building plot in idyllic harbour of Valldemosa

425 m²

143 m²

€ 200,000.-


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About Valldemossa and surrounding area:

Valldemossa is Majorca's classic beauty spot. Anyone who demands more than sun, sea or the lively nightlife of the island, inevitably ends up in this idyllic mountain village with 2,000 inhabitants. The breathtaking panoramic view especially has always enchanted visitors and residents who've bought a villa or finca here.

Since the beginning of its history the village in the mountains has especially attracted the city dwellers of Palma, which is only about 25 km away. The healthy climate, the beautiful location and fertile soil were recognised earlier, prompting rich Arabs to build a villa or finca as a summer residence. The wealthy Moor "Musa Wali" even gave the village its name with ‘Vall de Musa’ eventually forming Valldemossa. After the conquest by the Christian Crusaders, the Arab tradition continued. The Majorcan King James II hoped his asthmatic son Sancho would be cured by the healthy mountain air and so built him a mansion, which rightly deserves the title "palace". The royal family would regularly spend the hot summer months over these 420 metres beside the sea aired with the cool breeze.

Puig de Teix

View from Puig de Teix to Palma

Frédéric Chopin and George Sand

Much later in 1838/39 it was the world-renowned pianist and composer Frédéric Chopin suffering from tuberculosis, who sought healing and recovery in the fresh mountain air with his lover George Sand and her children in tow. The couple resided for two months at the Carthusian monastery of Valldemossa. The former Carthusian monastery was expropriated by the state in 1835 during the secularisation, the monks were driven out and the monks' cells converted into apartments for sale. Today, adventurous tourists are particularly attracted by the tale of the stay of the illustrious pair of lovers in the former convent, depicted by Sand in her book "A Winter in Mallorca".

Today, visitors flock in droves to the "Cartuja". In this pharmacy old recipes and medicines are still on display, as well as a collection of old Majorcan glass and tiles. In the cell of Frederic Chopin you can still see the piano "Pleyel" which Chopin had brought specially from Paris to Majorca. Valuable furniture and handwritten manuscripts and letters from the musician are also part of the highly valued asset.

While cigar smoking and men's trousers wearing George Sand was condemned and ridiculed by the locals in her time, Valldemossa prides itself on being the birthplace of the holy Santa Catalina Tomás. On almost all grey stone buildings in the lower town you find coloured tiles celebrating the lives of saints. Catalina Tomás (1531-74) was a farmer's daughter, who entered the monastery of Santa Magdalena in Palma at 21. Here she did many good deeds, had ecstatic visions and was canonised for demonstrating miracles in1930.

Extensive cultural offer in Valldemossa

Valldemosa has a lot to offer not only in terms of real estate, but also in the cultural sector. In the summer months you often find piano concertos with well-known performers. In the "Costa Nord Cultural Centre", at the initiative of American actor Michael Douglas, who has a stately old mansion rebuilt in the vicinity as his second home, arranged cultural programs and environmental projects.

Valldemossa, located at the foot of the 1064m high Teix, offers an enchanting natural and cultural landscape. In the field terraces dating to the Arab times, thriving crops range from royal palms to almond trees. All around the higher regions wide pine and deciduous trees create a green roof.

Real Estate in Valldemossa

The Real Estate in Valldemossa ranges from renovated village houses, to Majorcan fincas, to spectacular villas in a secluded locations with an unforgettable view of the north-west coast of Majorca, which fascinated Archduke Lluis Salvador. The noble Austrian Globetrotter of the19th Century is still regarded as the most famous foreigner in Majorca today and wrote a standard work on flora and fauna in the Balearic Islands. He bought 10 km of coastline from Valldemossa to Deija and created hiking and riding trails, so that the spoiled high society at that time was able to enjoy the beautiful area at their leisure.

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