258 fincas in Mallorca for sale

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finca in Puerto Andratx new

Puerto Andratx, Enchanting Mediterranean finca in one of the best locations in Mallorca in Andratx

550 m²

51.000 m²


€ 14,800,000.-

finca in Esporles

Esporles, Grand and historical 17th century Mallorcan Finca in Esporles with imposing panoramic views

1.800 m²

470.000 m²


€ 10,000,000.-

finca in Andratx sold

Andratx, Wonderful Finca near Andratx with much privacy and sea views

407 m²

800.000 m²



finca in Santanyi reserved

Santanyi, Magnificent country estate set in beautiful landscaped grounds close to Santanyi

799 m²

33.000 m²


€ 8,200,000.-

finca in Santa Maria del Cami newly-built

Santa Maria del Cami, Exclusive sea view-project in the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains in Santa Maria

945 m²

35.000 m²


€ 7,800,000.-

finca in Sencelles with Holiday license

Sencelles, Wonderful finca in Sencelles with rental licence for 10 persons and impressive vegetation

500 m²

64.111 m²


€ 6,450,000.-

finca in Montuiri new

Montuiri, Mallorcan finca-property from the 18th century with fantastic sweeping views in Montuiri

2.500 m²

420.000 m²


€ 6,400,000.-

finca in Esporles

Esporles, Charming old country house in idyllic Esporles

900 m²

300.000 m²


€ 6,000,000.-

finca in Esporles with Holiday license

Esporles, Large stately finca in Esporles, in prime location and with holiday license

900 m²

270.000 m²


€ 6,000,000.-

finca in Inca new

Inca, Luxurious property in a prime location with separate annex building and wonderful garden in Inca

3.200 m²

89.000 m²


€ 5,900,000.-

finca in Arta new

Arta, Wonderful country estate with exceptional views and ample possibilities in Arta

369 m²

254.349 m²


€ 5,500,000.-

finca in Santanyi

Santanyi, Wonderful newly-built finca with unique panoramic views and large pool near Santanyi

1.177 m²

20.091 m²


€ 5,350,000.-

finca in Cas Concos

Cas Concos, Exclusive newly-built finca with pool near to Cas Concos

400 m²

20.950 m²


€ 5,300,000.-

finca in Puerto Andratx

Puerto Andratx, Tremendous finca near Port Andratx with harbour views and absolute privacy

400 m²

10.000 m²


€ 5,300,000.-

finca in Puerto Andratx new

Puerto Andratx, Excellently-renovated villa with sea views in Port d'Andratx

464 m²

1.191 m²


€ 4,950,000.-

finca in Algaida

Algaida, Quietly-situated manor house in need of renovation in Algaida

2.023 m²

848.000 m²


€ 4,900,000.-

finca in Santa Maria del Cami new

Santa Maria del Cami, Exclusive newly-built finca with views of the Tramuntana mountains in Santa Maria

526 m²

14.200 m²


€ 4,800,000.-

finca in Santa Margalida

Santa Margalida, Stately country house with sea views and great potential near Santa Margalida

820 m²

150.000 m²


€ 4,600,000.-

finca in Llucmajor

Llucmajor, Traditional manor house in Llucmayor – Maioris, right by the golf course

900 m²

750.000 m²


€ 4,500,000.-

finca in Pollensa reserved

Pollensa, Luxury Finca under construction near to the town in a prominent location for completion in 2018

300 m²

16.000 m²


€ 4,500,000.-

finca in Ses Salines

Ses Salines, Sophisticated finca property in an exceptional location in Ses Salines

800 m²

15.000 m²


€ 4,500,000.-

finca in Arta reserved

Arta, Wonderfully refurbished finca-villa and estate with historic windmill and panoramic views over Artà

400 m²

23.600 m²


€ 4,400,000.-

finca in Ses Salines newly-built

Ses Salines, Dream-location, enchanting finca, sea views - the perfect home in Ses Salines

387 m²

15.876 m²


€ 4,400,000.-

finca in Es Carritxo

Es Carritxo, Unique designer-finca with wonderful views and great privacy in Es Carritxo

360 m²

21.663 m²


€ 4,300,000.-

finca in Pollensa

Pollensa, Beautiful, rustic country house at perfect location with breathtaking views, close to Pollensa

390 m²

28.000 m²


€ 4,200,000.-

finca in Palma Surroundings

Palma Surroundings, Modern, renovated finca with a separate guest house and apartment near Son Moix, Palma

600 m²

9.000 m²


€ 3,995,000.-

finca in Ses Salines newly-built

Ses Salines, Wonderful, newly-built finca with panoramic views as far as the sea near to Ses Salines

490 m²

17.750 m²


€ 3,950,000.-

finca in Soller

Soller, Beautifully renovated finca and large plot of land with orange trees in Sóller

337 m²

5.154 m²


on request

finca in Bunyola

Bunyola, Modern, newly-built finca with wonderful views in Bunyola

400 m²

30.000 m²


€ 3,900,000.-

finca in Pollensa with Holiday license

Pollensa, Marvellous country house with much privacy in the Pollensa Golf area

632 m²

16.824 m²


€ 3,800,000.-

finca in Arta

Arta, Finca with fantastic panoramic views near Arta

493 m²

34.105 m²


€ 3,800,000.-

finca in S'Horta new

S'Horta, Natural-stone finca on a 20.000 sqm plot with panoramic views as far as the sea in Porto Colom

643 m²

19.833 m²


€ 3,800,000.-

finca in Portocolom

Portocolom, Striking property with sea view in Portocolom

700 m²

21.000 m²


€ 3,500,000.-

finca in Algaida newly-built

Algaida, Exclusive finca-project in an idyllic location in Algaida

590 m²

17.757 m²


€ 3,500,000.-

finca in Pollensa

Pollensa, Country-house with guest houses, tennis court and pool in Pollenca

1.143 m²

76.765 m²


€ 3,500,000.-

finca in Santanyi exclusive

Santanyi, Inviting natural-stone finca with idyllic garden and pool close to Santanyi

617 m²

9.671 m²


€ 3,500,000.-

finca in Sineu newly-built

Sineu, Finca restoration project, key-in-hand for a rustic finca in Sineu

360 m²

79.000 m²


€ 3,495,000.-

finca in Arta

Arta, Impressive mediterranean, authentic finca with pool in an idyllic setting in Artà

855 m²

140.000 m²


€ 3,250,000.-

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Finca Mallorca

Luxury country house with pool in the northwest of Mallorca

Your own finca - for many the absolute dream of independence and freedom amidst the pristine nature of the Balearic Islands. These typical stone houses, built earlier by farmers who could not afford expensive plaster, and today expensively built by local specialists, are not only distinctive in the traditional farming areas of the interior of Mallorca but are also becoming increasingly popular in coastal regions. There are now more than 200,000 fincas in Mallorca, and accordingly high are the real estate offers.

Luxury country house with pool and mountains in the northwest of Mallorca

From a classic rural cottage needing renovation to the luxury finca with all modern comforts - the choice of fincas on offer in Mallorca is wide. In the central region of the island amongst the most sought after areas are still Alaró and Santa Maria, which are also the most expensive areas. In the areas Sencelles, Costitx and Biniali prices are, on average, slightly cheaper. If close proximity to the airport or to Palma de Mallorca is not a priority then the region of Selva or Moscari is a definite option.

Picturesque land houses in the Tramuntana

Absolutely stunning fincas between the foothills of the Tramuntana with views inland and to the coast are found mainly in the northwest of Mallorca, around Valldemossa, Deià and Sóller.

Finca in Esporles

Picturesque land houses in the Tramuntana

A wide range of fincas is to be found in the north overlooking the bay of Alcudia and Pollensa, but also in the predominantly rural northeast, particularly around Arta, with villas to suit every taste - from the classic holiday Finca to the sprawling country estate with its own olive grove.

Buying a luxurious finca in Mallorca

Those who prefer the southwest will find in the area around Andratx both charming 4 bedroom Fincas as well as stately mansions with 10 rooms overlooking the bay of St. Elm or Andratx.

Finca Immobilien auf Mallorca

Malerische Finca Immobilien im Südosten von Mallorca

Low - priced country houses in the south of Mallorca

In the south, the first buyers of holiday fincas settled around the holy mountain of Randa, and the area around Llucmajor is still one of the most desirable locations for Mallorcan fincas.

Last but not least the south east of the island should be mentioned. Since the eighties when the finca boom in Mallorca began many charming properties have been built in the tranquil area around Santanyi and Porto Colom, mostly in slightly elevated positions with fantastic views over a bay.

Regulations and laws when purchasing a Finca

The building of new fincas is now governed by strict rules which vary somewhat depending on the respective municipality. In the town of Pollenca, for example, the plot area required to obtain a building permit varies from 15,000 to 50,000 sqm depending on the area classification of the plot itself (semi/rustica, rustica, forested etc.).

Even with properties with existing buildings a thorough examination is recommended to insure that all existing structures are registered in the Property Register (Land Registry) at the time of final purchase. As a rule experienced real estate brokers will assist in examining records and gather together all the required approvals before the final notary appointment, so that after the purchase of his new finca the new owner can start his dream of a relaxing country life in Mallorca.

Immobilienbüro Llucmajor auf Mallorca - Porta Mallorquina Real Estate

Porta Mallorquina in Llucmajor

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07620 Llucmajor, Mallorca
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