300 luxury real estate in Mallorca

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villa in Puerto Andratx

Puerto Andratx, An exceptional, unique property with panoramic views in Puerto de Andratx

1.294 m²

100.000 m²


€ 24,500,000.-

finca in Puerto Andratx new

Puerto Andratx, Enchanting Mediterranean finca in one of the best locations in Mallorca in Andratx

550 m²

51.000 m²


€ 15,900,000.-

villa in Puerto Andratx

Puerto Andratx, Luxury villa in the Cala Marmacen with direct sea access

715 m²

1.864 m²


€ 13,000,000.-

villa in Puerto Andratx

Puerto Andratx, Luxury property with great views in Puerto de Andratx

700 m²

2.500 m²


€ 12,900,000.-

villa in Puerto Andratx newly-built

Puerto Andratx, Luxurious, newly-built villa with breathtaking sea views in a prime location in Port Andratx

662 m²

1.135 m²


€ 12,900,000.-

villa in Santa Ponsa newly-built

Santa Ponsa, Luxurious, newly-built villa with direct access to the harbour of Santa Ponsa

1.139 m²

2.065 m²


€ 12,500,000.-

house in Cala Vinyas

Cala Vinyas, Wonderful villa with superb sea views and direct access to the sea in Cala Vinyes

1.228 m²

1.430 m²


€ 9,900,000.-

villa in Port Adriano new

Port Adriano, Luxurious newly-built villa on the 1st sea line next to the harbour of Port Adriano

615 m²

900 m²


€ 9,850,000.-

finca in Andratx sold

Andratx, Wonderful Finca near Andratx with much privacy and sea views

407 m²

800.000 m²



finca in Santanyi reserved

Santanyi, Magnificent country estate set in beautiful landscaped grounds close to Santanyi

799 m²

33.000 m²


€ 8,200,000.-

villa in Puerto Andratx new

Puerto Andratx, Exceptional villa with wonderful views on the La Mola promontory in Port Andratx

440 m²

1.059 m²


€ 7,900,000.-

finca in Santa Maria del Cami newly-built

Santa Maria del Cami, Exclusive sea view-project in the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains in Santa Maria

945 m²

35.000 m²


€ 7,800,000.-

finca in Puerto Andratx

Puerto Andratx, Tremendous Finca property near Puerto Andratx with views of the harbour and absolute privacy

400 m²

10.000 m²


€ 6,500,000.-

villa in Costa den Blanes newly-built

Costa den Blanes, Designer-villa under construction with spectacular sea views in Costa d'en Blanes

482 m²

1.057 m²


€ 6,450,000.-

finca in Montuiri new

Montuiri, Mallorcan finca-property from the 18th century with fantastic sweeping views in Montuiri

2.500 m²

420.000 m²


€ 6,400,000.-

villa in Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa, Modern villa with wonderful views on the 1st sea line in El Toro

384 m²

770 m²


€ 6,250,000.-

house in Son Vida new

Son Vida, Newly-built, elegantly-designed luxurious villa in Son Vida

993 m²

2.039 m²


€ 6,200,000.-

finca in Inca new

Inca, Luxurious property in a prime location with separate annex building and wonderful garden in Inca

3.200 m²

89.000 m²


€ 5,900,000.-

house in Arta

Arta, A fusion of the east and the west - extravagant, exciting villa in Artà

4.725 m²

245.000 m²


€ 5,800,000.-

villa in Costa de la Calma

Costa de la Calma, Unique luxury-villa on the 1st sea line in Costa de la Calma

900 m²

2.450 m²


€ 5,800,000.-

villa in Puerto Andratx newly-built

Puerto Andratx, Newly-built villa with sea views in Puerto Andtatx

553 m²

800 m²


€ 5,750,000.-

villa in Santa Ponsa new

Santa Ponsa, Fantastic new build luxury villa in Santa Ponsa

773 m²

1.855 m²


€ 5,500,000.-

villa in Vallgornera newly-built

Vallgornera, Luxurious villa on the first sea line in Vallgonera with spectacular views

672 m²

1.423 m²


€ 5,400,000.-

finca in Santanyi

Santanyi, Wonderful newly-built finca with unique panoramic views and large pool near Santanyi

1.177 m²

20.091 m²


€ 5,350,000.-

villa in Sol de Mallorca newly-built

Sol de Mallorca, Unique reformation project of a wonderful villa in Sol de Mallorca

540 m²

1.170 m²


€ 5,350,000.-

finca in Cas Concos

Cas Concos, Exclusive newly-built finca with pool near to Cas Concos

400 m²

20.950 m²


€ 5,300,000.-

house in Palma de Mallorca Old Town newly-built

Palma de Mallorca Old Town, Luxurious, completely-renovated house in Palma's old town

698 m²

110 m²


€ 5,200,000.-

villa in Costa den Blanes new

Costa den Blanes, Impressive villa on a double building plot in the lovely area of Costa d'en Blanes

639 m²

1.812 m²


€ 5,200,000.-

finca in Establiments

Establiments, Grand finca-property in a unique location on the outskirts of Palma


100.000 m²


€ 5,000,000.-

villa in Santa Ponsa newly-built

Santa Ponsa, Luxurious newly-built property in Nova Santa Ponsa with views of the Malgrats islands

500 m²

1.535 m²


€ 4,990,000.-

finca in Puerto Andratx new

Puerto Andratx, Excellently-renovated villa with sea views in Port d'Andratx

464 m²

1.191 m²


€ 4,950,000.-

villa in Cala Santanyi

Cala Santanyi, Spectacular villa on the first sea line with infinity pool in a superb location in Cala Santanyi

597 m²

1.247 m²


€ 4,900,000.-

house in Son Vida newly-built

Son Vida, Spectacular, luxurious villa with wonderful views of Son Vida

995 m²

2.003 m²


€ 4,850,000.-

apartment in Paseo Maritimo newly-built

Paseo Maritimo, Luxury apartment on the first line overlooking the port of Palma

285 m²


€ 4,790,000.-

villa in Establiments

Establiments, Mediterranean villa in Establiments with sea and mountain views and close to Palma-purchase

627 m²

15.000 m²


€ 4,700,000.-

finca in Santa Margalida new

Santa Margalida, Stately country house with sea views and great potential near Santa Margalida

820 m²

150.000 m²


€ 4,600,000.-

apartment in Paseo Maritimo newly-built

Paseo Maritimo, Penthouse with seaview and pool on the roof-purchase

230 m²


€ 4,590,000.-

house in Son Vida newly-built

Son Vida, Modern, newly-built villa right on the Son Vida golf course

600 m²

2.000 m²


€ 4,500,000.-

house in Colònia Sant Jordi

Colònia Sant Jordi, Unique manor house with 9 bedrooms in the centre of Colonia St. Jordi

876 m²

356 m²


€ 4,500,000.-

apartment in Bonanova newly-built

Bonanova, Impressive,high-quality penthouse with views over the bay of Palma

341 m²


€ 4,425,000.-

finca in Arta reserved

Arta, Wonderfully refurbished finca-villa and estate with historic windmill and panoramic views over Artà

400 m²

23.600 m²


€ 4,400,000.-

finca in Ses Salines newly-built

Ses Salines, Dream-location, enchanting finca, sea views - the perfect home in Ses Salines

387 m²

15.876 m²


€ 4,400,000.-

finca in Es Carritxo

Es Carritxo, Unique designer-finca with wonderful views and great privacy in Es Carritxo

360 m²

21.663 m²


€ 4,300,000.-

villa in Puerto Andratx

Puerto Andratx, Modern villa with sea views in Puerto de Andratx

300 m²

900 m²


€ 4,200,000.-

villa in Canyamel newly-built

Canyamel, New construction project with sea view in Canyamel

348 m²

946 m²


€ 4,200,000.-

villa in Puerto Andratx newly-built

Puerto Andratx, Unique villa-project in the bay of Andratx

330 m²

1.045 m²


€ 4,125,000.-

plot in Magaluf

Magaluf, Large plot with potential for a residential or commercial project

110.000 m²



€ 4,000,000.-

finca in Palma Surroundings

Palma Surroundings, Modern, renovated finca with a separate guest house and apartment near Son Moix, Palma

600 m²

9.000 m²


€ 3,995,000.-

house in Son Servera

Son Servera, Spectacular castle surrounded by nature with splendid views of the sea and more in Son Servera

380 m²

16.000 m²


€ 3,995,000.-

finca in Ses Salines newly-built

Ses Salines, Wonderful, newly-built finca with panoramic views as far as the sea near to Ses Salines

490 m²

17.750 m²


€ 3,950,000.-

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Puerto Andratx

Overlooking the harbor and the luxurious properties in Puerto de Andratx

Luxury villa in Santa Ponsa with sea views for sale, luxurious apartments for sale in Camp de Mar – many real estate offers adorn themselves with the attribute `luxury´ in the property description, but when do real estate agents in Mallorca call a property luxurious? One factor is definitely the price of the property offered, the value of which depends on different criteria.

Location, location, location – the basis of any property valuation

In Mallorca, as with all real estate worldwide, the location of a property is the foundation of any value assessment. According to the coastal development law the government of the Balearic Islands has heavily regulated the potential to build a house near to the sea. Those seeking a residence on the sea usually have to rely on existing properties as there are virtually no more coastal building plots available on the island.

Luxury real estate by the sea

Proximity to the sea and a beach is the first aspect when calculating the value of a property, the second is the view. With two identically built villas situated on the same road opposite each other, for example, the one with the sea view will be worth 10-20% more than the other.

Luxury property with sea views in Puerto Andratx

Luxury property with sea views in Puerto Andratx

As a rule of thumb: the more exclusive the view, the more unrestricted the eye can roam over coast, sea and perhaps even foothills without seeing construction or buildings, then the higher is the luxury factor of the property. If no direct access to the sea is possible as is the case in, for example, high quality areas like Son Vida, Andratx, Santa Ponsa, Portals Nous and Bendinat then the luxury properties are ensconced on the hills surrounding the respective localities. Fantastic sea views are then possible and usually prices rise in relation to the height of the location.

Size of land and living space

Size of land and living space In addition to the location of the property, the size and the amount of living space plays an important role. It should be differentiated between apartment, villa and finca. For example: while a residential building plot with 10,000 square metres of land in Santa Ponsa in the southwest of Mallorca signifies pure luxury, the same size plot in a rural area in the southeast is often the minimum legal requirement to build a new villa or country house. In the countryside only park-like, expansive outdoor areas, often with a separate guest house, convey a sense of luxury.

In the apartment sector it is almost always the spectacular Penthouse which is associated with the up-market real estate category. This type of object is now very popular in places like Palm de Mallorca directly on the Paseo Maritimo for example, or in the former fishing suburb of Portixol on the outskirts of Palma. An apartment here with the coveted vista al mar is definitely in the luxury category.

Interior design of a property

As regards interiors, in Spain the dominant building material for sumptuous entrance halls, shady arcades and luxurious bathrooms is cool marble. Even the number of baths is a sign of the luxury of a property. To be able to reach the spacious en suite bathrooms directly from the numerous bedrooms is a sign of the finest way of life. Interior design is determined by the type of building. While in a splendid country house mostly natural materials such as elaborately restored wood and natural stone elements can be found, designer furniture dominates in modern apartments and villas. The most beautiful country houses are to be found on the north west coast of Mallorca and in the Tramuntana, but also in the north east and south east prestigious homes on hills close to small bays can be admired.

Immobilien Mallorca

Picturesque Finca in the southeast of Mallorca

Stars and their luxury properties in Mallorca

Where comfortable ambience meets with beautiful natural scenery, celebrities are never far. In the Balearic Islands internationally known film actors are to be found. Michael Douglas, for example, purchased the Finca S'Estaca of Archduke Lluis Salvador to which some of his famous friends like Gwyneth Paltrow are invited . Supermodel Claudia Schiffer was drawn, like most German celebrities, to the Southwest, her villa standing right on the sea on a promontory at Camp de Mar. Boris Becker was one of the first prominent celebrities to realize his own personal dream with an expansive finca in the north east of the island near Arta.

Luxury properties on the golf course

Golf, once a reserve of the upper classes and now a widespread sport is very popular in Mallorca. With 21 golf courses Mallorca has the greatest density of golf courses in the Mediterranean. Santa Ponsa III is only reserved for residents, but close by in Bendinat or Son Gual true golf paradises have been created where the comfort-seeking millionaire can feel very comfortable.

Luxury villa on Ibiza

Creative people prefer to party and chill, traditionally in Ibiza. Some go for a summer in one of the famous white villas, some come to the party just with their own yacht.

Immobilienbüro Puerto Andratx auf Mallorca

Porta Mallorquina Real Estate in Port de Andratx

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