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finca in Alaro

Alaro, Exceptional finca in a spectacular location at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains in Alaro

1.014 m²

25.657 m²


€ 9,500,000.-

house in Alaro with Holiday license

Alaro, Country hotel in the heart of Alaro with 8 elegant rooms, restaurant and pool

584 m²

713 m²


€ 3,850,000.-

villa in Alaro newly-built

Alaro, Luxurious, newly-built villa in an exclusive location in Alaro for first-occupation

875 m²

6.000 m²


€ 3,500,000.-

house in Alaro

Alaro, Exceptional luxury townhouse with garden, pool and neighbour house in Alaro

815 m²

736 m²


€ 2,800,000.-

finca in Alaro sold

Alaro, Quietly-situated finca with guest house and its own mountain in Alaro

696 m²

176.090 m²



house in Alaro

Alaro, Exceptional luxury townhouse with garden and pool in Alaro

511 m²

360 m²


€ 1,950,000.-

house in Alaro newly-built

Alaro, High-quality detached house with pool and garage in Alaro

264 m²

267 m²


€ 1,600,000.-

villa in Alaro

Alaro, High-quality chalet with garden and pool in Alaró

271 m²

679 m²


€ 1,250,000.-

house in Alaro new

Alaro, Detached, spacious house with fantastic views and pool in Alaró

264 m²

505 m²


€ 1,195,000.-

house in Alaro

Alaro, Beautiful detached house with fantastic sweeping views in Alaro

258 m²

2.406 m²


€ 1,150,000.-

house in Alaro

Alaro, Renovated townhouse with garage and fantastic view to the mountains in Alaró

304 m²

140 m²


€ 975,000.-

house in Alaro

Alaro, Classic village-house with pool and garage in Alaro

430 m²

336 m²


€ 800,000.-

house in Alaro new

Alaro, Centrally-located, well-maintained village-house with garden in Alaro

180 m²

243 m²


€ 740,000.-

house in Alaro

Alaro, Village-house with garden and sweeping views in Alaro

150 m²

330 m²


€ 680,000.-

house in Alaro

Alaro, Village-house with a large orchard in Alaro requiring renovation

200 m²

2.260 m²


€ 650,000.-

house in Alaro sold

Alaro, Romantic finca in a secluded location with breathtaking views near Alaro

257 m²

18.000 m²



house in Alaro

Alaro, Terraced house in Alaró with breathtaking views

215 m²



€ 470,000.-

house in Alaro

Alaro, Village house with many possibilities in the centre of Alaro

190 m²

95 m²


€ 430,000.-

apartment in Alaro

Alaro, Wonderful apartment with garden and roof terrace in Alaró

254 m²


€ 289,000.-

commercial in Alaro

Alaro, Store in the middle of Alaró

88 m²



€ 199,000.-

house in Alaro reserved

Alaro, Exclusive designer property with high-end equipment in the middle of Alaró

600 m²

670 m²


on request


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About Alaro and surrounding area:

Alaro Mallorca

The historic streets of Alaro

Alaro is picturesquely situated community at the foot of the Tramuntana with about 5200 inhabitants. It is best known for a ruined castle on the 825 metre high Puig de Alaro.

A fortress in a picture book

The Castell d`Alaro is one of three rock castles in Mallorca. The ingestible fort was fought bitterly over the centuries. The origin of the fort can not be dated exactly. It is possible that it was built by the Romans, as they also built the lines of defence at the foot of the mountain lines. It is clear that the castle was occupied by the Arabs in 902, which they so called "hisn al-rum" Roman fortress. It is believed that the place name "Alaro" is derived from this name.

In 1231 the fort was surrendered without a fight to the Christian re conquerers. When the Aragonese king Alfonso II. attacked the island in 1285 to punish his nephew, James II. for his apostasy, the castle rock was besieged for years. The leaders of the formidable opposition, Guillem Bassa and Guillem Cabrit are still regarded as local heros of Alaró. When King Alfonso II. was finally able to take hold the castle, he cruelly executed them by impaling them and roasting them alive. For this act Alfonso was excommunicated by the Pope permanently. Jaume II. regained his kingdom of Mallorca, and swore loyalty to Aragón. However, after the final destruction of the kingdom under Pere IV., the Castell d'Alaro fell in 1349, and gradually disintegrated in the two following centuries.

Naturpark Alaro

Naturpark Alaro

A culinary challenging hike

Today, the romantic ruins of Alaro are one of the most popular attractions of the island. The beautiful views of the Tramuntana mountains on one side, and plane of Mallorca "Es Plá" on the other side make the roughly two-hour summit highly rewarding. If you want, you can also spend the night (by appointment) in the recently renovated hiking hut. Hardly missing a visitor is the nearby restaurant below the ruins "Es Verger". In rustic ambience you can enjoy a leg of lamb famed throughout the island. For lovers of Majorcan cuisine, the earthy restaurant with its open fires is an absolute must.

Puig de Alaro

Puig de Alaro

A village on the pulse

At the foot of the rock castle lies the peaceful village "Alaro". It is the administrative seat of the homonymous municipality, which is characterised primarily by agriculture. Around Alaro you will find almonds, olives and wine in particular. Once many Alaro inhabitants also worked in the mining industry. For over 100 years they brought coal up from up from 200 metres of depth. The energy wealth of the community led to the construction of a power plant in 1901. Alaro was the first village in Mallorca with a power supply. This course, still remains today, even if the Alaró colliery closed in 1987.

Plaza in Alaro

Plaza in Alaro

Today, the inhabitants enjoy a modern sports complex with tennis courts, a swimming pool and a football field. Even if the traditions are upheld in Alaro and one feels a typical Mallorcan flair here, the village has always moved with the times. Newer or lovingly restored houses as such dominate the suburbs of the village. Alaro is best to visit on a Saturday, when it boasts a colourful weekly market in the town square.