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finca in Alcudia sold

Alcudia, Fantastic finca with breathtaking views in unique location

567 m²

200.000 m²



finca in Alcudia

Alcudia, Luxury country house with marvellous views

480 m²

39.800 m²


on request

finca in Alcudia

Alcudia, First class country house project to be finished with incredible views

776 m²

40.780 m²


€ 2,200,000.-

finca in Alcudia

Alcudia, Wonderful finca with spectacular views and beautiful sea views near Alcudia

313 m²

11.000 m²


€ 1,550,000.-

finca in Alcudia

Alcudia, Fantastic country house in beautiful and quiet location

382 m²

16.000 m²


€ 1,475,000.-

villa in Alcudia reserved

Alcudia, Newly built villa in modern, minimalist style on a hillside with sea views in Bonaire

357 m²

1.151 m²


€ 1,400,000.-

finca in Alcudia

Alcudia, Unique Finca and plot with full southern orientation and views over the port of Port Alcúdia

123 m²

28.000 m²


€ 1,275,000.-

villa in Alcudia with Holiday license

Alcudia, Modern villa with pool in the quiet residential area of Bonaire and near the golf course of Alcanada

259 m²

1.006 m²


€ 995,000.-

villa in Alcudia

Alcudia, Chalet with sea view in popular residential area in Alcúdia, just 50 m from the beach

491 m²

1.182 m²


€ 970,000.-

villa in Alcudia

Alcudia, Traditional Mallorcan summer house directly on the marina of Bonaire

270 m²

712 m²


€ 960,000.-

finca in Alcudia exclusive

Alcudia, Beautifully renovated finca in Son Fe - Alcudia

272 m²

13.197 m²


€ 869,000.-

villa in Alcudia

Alcudia, Generous villa with great gardens, directly located at Alcudia oldtown

400 m²

3.039 m²


€ 850,000.-

villa in Alcudia

Alcudia, Villa in a desirable location with great privacy and a well-kept Mediterranean garden with pool

240 m²

900 m²


€ 750,000.-

house in Alcudia

Alcudia, Pretty and completely renovated townhouse in the centre of Alcudia oldtown

246 m²

98 m²


€ 625,000.-

villa in Alcudia

Alcudia, Spacious family-friendly house only 50 m to the sea in Alcudia

400 m²

420 m²


€ 590,000.-

villa in Alcudia

Alcudia, 2 Storeyd chalet with southern flair in good building quality near Alcúdia and sandy beach

145 m²

396 m²


€ 580,000.-

plot in Alcudia

Alcudia, 4 fantastic plots with sea views

1.000 m²

300 m²

€ 448,000.-

plot in Alcudia

Alcudia, Large building plot with sweeping views near Alcudia with a basic project

14.721 m²

337 m²


€ 430,000.-

house in Alcudia

Alcudia, House within the natural reserve of Albufereta with great views over the bay of Pollensa

242 m²

229 m²


€ 380,000.-

plot in Alcudia

Alcudia, Building plot with license to build a villa in an exclusive residential area of Alcudia

1.000 m²



€ 305,000.-

plot in Alcudia

Alcudia, Building plot only 100 m away from the bay of Pollensa and the marina of Barcarés in Alcúdia

458 m²

200 m²


€ 299,000.-

apartment in Alcudia

Alcudia, Beautiful, spacious apartment close to the beach and town centre in Alcudia

100 m²


€ 195,000.-

plot in Alcudia

Alcudia, Building plot in Sa Marina only 50m away from the sea

264 m²

450 m²


€ 140,000.-


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About Alcúdia and surrounding area:

Anyone wanting to experience how people lived in Majorca in the Middle Ages, should stand in front of the mighty city walls in Alcudia. These thick walls are approximately 2 m thick and about 10 meters high and additionally secured with merlons and towers that the people built in the 1300’s to defend themselves.

History of Alcudia

Every few feet they opened nicks and gaps from which to throw hot oil, boiling water, stones and arrows at the besiegers. On top of the city wall there is a walkway on which even today's visitors can walk. With a little imagination on this walk, when admiring the military goers, towers, merlons, ramparts and the gray stone houses, the modern man, with a little fantasy, can take himself back into the world of the Middle Ages.

A little more empathy is demanded by our Alcudia visitor, just over 100 metres from the medieval fortress, where the present old town of Alcudia with its 7000 inhabitants is to be found and where the precursor of today's Alcudia stood more than 2,000 years ago. Founded by the Romans in 123 BC, although "Polentia" on the north coast of Majorca was a thriving trading capital of the island at that time, the storms of history (Vandal raids) and the use of Roman houses as a quarry by the Arabs, have left the archaeologists and the interested viewers today only with stones and pillars.

Altstadt von Alcudia

Roman center in Alcúdia

Nevertheless, a journey for history interested tourists of Majorca through the "Ciutat de romana Pollentia" is warmly recommended. Of the roman district “La Portella”, foundation walls still stand and with a little bit of imagination, one can virtually reconstruct a Roman atrium house. A few steps further, and we reach the forum, the worldly and religious center of the city. Only temple fragments and column remains leave open to suspect that once city life pulsated here once. A short walk away from the Roman center and passing by mighty fig trees, we find the Roman theater. 2.000 visitors could take place in the ranks carved out of stone to delight themselves with a comedy of Plautus. The saying “sic transit Gloria mundi” takes effect here, as it means “the glory of the world passes”. After the destruction of the Roman metropolis, not far from the seats of the theater, the survivors of this devastated city buried their deceased by carving their graves in the same hill.

Alcudia Old Town

Alcudia Old Town

500 meters further, in the alleys dominated by nooks and crannies, restaurants and tapas bars form a line to please the taste and thirst and to celebrate the joy of life.

Those seeking something special and have not (yet) had the priviledge of living in a well taken care of Finca or Villa in the area of Alcudia, should book a stopover at the small but charming “Hotel Ca’n Pere”. The excellent 4-star boutique-hotel provides 8 suites, which have been individually and uniquely designed one by one with utmost dedication. The corresponding restaurant is open to visitors an offers a daily menu with selected dishes.

Restaurant tips from our real estate experts in Alcudia:

The “Restaurante Satyricon” in the middle of the market plaza of Alcudia, was once a movie theater and was extensively refurbished by the great caterer Pero Rossi. The lavish decorations are worth a visit. The food is recommendable, although the business is very much turist-oriented.

Sports bar:
Almost legendary for cyclists and kite-surfers is the Bar “Bon Apetit” at the roundabout from Alcudia in direction to Puerto Pollensa. Operated by Argentinians, you find a warm and southamerican relaxed athmosphere with free Wi-Fi and most importantly: stunning sunsets.

Majorcan cuisine:
In Ca’n Costa, on Carrer San Vinconc 14 and in Genesta, at Plaza Porta de Mallorca, you find Majorcan and international cuisine, served in a lounge athmosphere.

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"My wife and I visited again and again over 5 years searching the whole island of Mallorca to look for a suitable house. Relatively quickly we decided we were really interested in the north around Alcudia. We then visited various properties but did not find something that really suited our ideas. But we then came across a very interesting offer from Porta Mallorquina and we finally decided to go for an property with them.

We noted that they were very competent and gave professional advice, but especially that they were transparent. Of course they wanted to sell on the part of Porta Mallorquina, but we were never stressed or overwhelmed. We have now been the proud owners of a small but fine country house for 3 years and enjoy our time on the island again and again to the fullest. Porta Mallorquina and their employees Sebastian Boelger we can highly recommend, we would work with them again any time!"

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