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finca in San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, Wonderful Finca with mountain and landscape views in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar

420 m²

17.000 m²


€ 5,450,000.-

finca in San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, Newly-built finca with views of the sea in Arta

645 m²

14.800 m²


€ 3,900,000.-

finca in San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, Large country house with a lot of potential in San Lorenzo

800 m²

13.000 m²


€ 2,400,000.-

finca in San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, Wonderful sea views-classic natural-stone finca with pool and idyllic garden near San Lorenzo

424 m²

16.412 m²


€ 1,875,000.-

finca in San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, Fantastic modern finca with pool and wonderful views near Sant Llorenç

174 m²

16.400 m²


€ 1,849,000.-

house in San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, Historic mill with much potential in San Lorenzo

539 m²

656 m²


€ 1,000,000.-

finca in San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, Rustic finca with 2 bedrooms and a cottage, surrounded by nature in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar

130 m²

21.000 m²


€ 860,000.-

house in San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, Beautiful mill with 2 terraces in Sant Llorenc des Cardassar

241 m²

356 m²


€ 650,000.-

finca in San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, Historic finca-property requiring renovation in Sant Llorenc des Cardassar

216 m²

10.270 m²


€ 585,000.-

plot in San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, Building plot with construction licence for a fantastic finca near Sant Llorenç

15.748 m²


€ 420,000.-

plot in San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, Building plot in a lovely finca area in San Llorenc

17.000 m²

250 m²


€ 300,000.-


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About San Lorenzo and surrounding area:

Sant Llorenç de Cardassar is probably the village with the most melodious name in Majorca. Those visiting the village with great expectations will be most likely be disappointed. About 3500 people live in the quiet village that is not bursting with sights. Only the parish church built in 1654 with its imposing facade is worth a visit; it is home to, among others a Romanesque Madonna figure from the 13th century. While Sant Llorenç de Cardassar is not a tourist attraction (and will probably not be), visitors can experience an authentic Majorcan atmosphere here.

Countless swallows circle around the mostly single-storey houses. But, apart from aircraft above, hardly any traffic is found in the narrow streets. Around the central village square, Placa Nova, the locals sit in the cafes and catch up on the latest village gossip.

The summer holidays have started. The priest died recently. And Antonio has fallen off his bike. This we learn, while eating the favourable Pa amb oli in the bar Nou. And from Antonio himself, who was born in Sant Llorenç. The life story of an 86-year-old at the same time reflects the fate of the community, which has long been dominated by agriculture.

Antonio is one of many farm workers on one of the great fincas, with mainly almond and fig orchards. In the 60's, tourism began and created new sources of income. Antonio moved to the construction industry which came into its own due to popular demand. Sa Coma and a part of Cala Millor, the tourist stronghold in the east of the island, belong to the municipality of Sant Llorenç de Cardassar. "There was at that time 20 construction companies to work for," says Antonio. "Of these, only one survived".

As for its construction, Sant Llorenç de Cardassar can look back on a long tradition. The picturesque hillside is studded with more than 70 archaeological sites of prehistoric Talaiot culture. Romans and Arabs also populated Sant Llorenç. The sonorous name of "de Cardassar" (in English: with thistles) came about during the Reconquista. According to legend, a Madonna figure was found in the thistle bushes near Sant Llorenç in 1229, shortly after the re-conquest by King Jaume I. The people believed that they had kept her hidden there during the Moorish domination.

San Lorenzo

Hills in San Lorenzo

Sant Llorenç de Cardassar’s melodic name is well known to any real estate broker. But the reason is not due to the place itself, where many apartments and houses stand empty, but due to the scenic surroundings. Here you can find not only popular hotels Finca Son Trobat and Son Penya, but also countless attractive holiday properties. The property owner here has not only the proximity to the coast and to the city of Manacor, but also a Michelin star-winning restaurant in the neighbourhood.

Restaurant recommendations from real estate agents

  • Bens d’Avall: The Michelin-starred chef Tomeu Caldentey provides for Mediterranean delights a la carte in Sa Coma. Since 2008, he also offers affordable lunch and dinner menus in his Bistro "Taronja Negre". Unique atmosphere in a historic mill building.
  • Es Pati: Mediterranean haute cuisine in Son Carrio. Friendly and informal service, atmospheric ambience.