7 fincas for sale in Algaida

finca in Algaida

Algaida, Imposing finca with a lot of space and agricultural possibilities

591 m²

40.000 m²


€ 1,500,000.-

finca in Algaida sold

Algaida, Stylish, newly built country house in Algaida

300 m²

15.000 m²



finca in Algaida

Algaida, High quality finca in a quiet location close to Algaida

380 m²

16.000 m²


€ 1,250,000.-

finca in Algaida new

Algaida, Historic finca with a separate plot of land in Algaida

293 m²

36.400 m²


€ 650,000.-

finca in Algaida

Algaida, Palm-Finca with views of the Tramuntana mountains in Algaida

370 m²

7.200 m²


€ 590,000.-

finca in Algaida sold

Algaida, Country house with pool and annex building in calm surrounding in Algaida

180 m²

9.000 m²




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About Algaida and surrounding area:

Algaida is situated in the middle of the island, about 15 min. away from Palma. It consists mainly of simple houses in brownish Mediterranean colours. The surroundings are dominated by agriculture, in the distance you can see the Tramuntanta mountains. About 4.000 inhabitants live here. The villages Pina and Randa are part of the municipality of Algaida