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Are you planning to buy a property in Majorca as an investment? You can use our calculator free of charge and without obligation to work out your returns for holiday lettings.

1.) Investment costs of purchase

2.) Fit-out and location of property

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Your data will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to third parties. Owing to the current legal situation for holiday lettings in the Balearic Islands, calculations can only be made for holiday homes. Please note that the returns calculator is purely for orientation purposes and does not purport to provide financial advice.

Note for investors:
The Porta Holiday Returns Calculator purely calculates the excess income from holiday lettings in relation to the property purchase price. The appreciation potential of a property in Majorca, which is highly attractive to investors, was not taken into consideration.

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On behalf of the holiday home agency, Porta Holiday, the Center for Real Estate Studies analysed over 1,000 holiday home offers in Majorca and established a price index showing the income that you may potentially earn on your property from holiday lettings. More details about the survey method are available here.
The data was examined, reappraised and revised with new values in 2022 to provide a more up-to-date view. Market experts were also consulted.

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