The new Porta Mallorquina Real Estate Catalogue 2015/2016

The new Porta Mallorquina Real Estate Catalogue

The new Porta Mallorquina Real Estate Catalogue

Early in September Porta Mallorquina presented its latest Real Estate Catalogue. On 120 pages customers can get acquainted with the real estate market on Mallorca and the individual regions. Additionally some of the most beautiful properties on Mallorca are presented.

A special part is devoted to the latest developments in tax issues for sellers and buyers, tips for the financing of properties and things to be aware of when buying or selling real estate in Spain.

The sales team leaders and franchise partners of the individual regions reveal their favorite places and the most beautiful beaches of the island, all golf courses, and popular cycling tours are presented. The catalogue is bilingual, German/English.

“Even though 90% of the searches for real estate happen on the internet these days, we still enjoy leafing through a magazine while sitting on the couch, to be informed and inspired,”

explains Porta Mallorquina’s CEO Joachim Semrau. The catalogue is available for free in the 8 Real estate offices on Mallorca.

Impressions from the catalogue