Best of Mallorca Real Estate 2023-2024

Dear friends of Mallorca,

Mallorca real estate continues to enjoy great popularity. The offer can hardly keep up with the demand. Currently, the market has calmed down a bit, take advantage of this breather, because the prices will not fall.

Why? The growth potential of the islands is limited and building regulations are much stricter today than ten years ago. This preserves the attractiveness and secures your investment, including inflation protection, because the money market is fragile – property values, on the other hand, are stable. The most important value of all, however, is you! Your strength and resistance. Let yourself be strengthened by the year-round dream climate and the relaxing vibrations of the Balearic Islands. Let us find your refuge for resilience.

Every day, our franchise partners and employees put their hearts and soul into their work for our customers. This enthusiasm, with which we find the right dream property in Mallorca for our customers in every respect, has made us one of the largest franchise property companies.

We present a selection of our offers in the latest edition of “Best of Mallorca”. We hope you enjoy reading it!