Long-term rental in Majorca- what should tenants bear in mind before signing the rental contract

Long-term rental in Majorca is also becoming increasingly popular for holiday homes. Often, the houses and fincas offered for rent are also available for sale and the prospective buyers have the opportunity to try out living in the property first. As an estate agent Porta Mallorquina offers a selection of around 300 apartments, houses, villas and fincas for long-term rental in Majorca.

Long-term rental in Majorca is becoming increasingly popular - from small apartments to prestigious villas,  like here in Sol de Majorca.

Long-term rental in Majorca is becoming increasingly popular – from small apartments to prestigious villas, like here in Sol de Majorca.

What should prospective tenants bear in mind before signing the rental contract? Beatus Zimmermann, Porta Mallorquina franchise partner for long-term rental answers the most important questions on this topic.

Mr Zimmermann, what should prospective tenants bear in mind when viewing a rental property in Majorca?

Firstly, the prospective tenant should ask for an individual property viewing appointment, ensure the viewing is carried out in daylight hours and with no time restraints. Using the above information and the property report, the prospective tenant can check the property’s features. It is advised that prospective tenants approach the visit systematically, entering and viewing all rooms and external areas of the property.

If the property has external storage, cellar rooms, garages or underground parking spaces, prospective tenants should also enter and view these. When viewing residential property, their attention should be focussed on the condition of the walls, floors, windows and, if available, the furniture. Obvious defects such as humidity marks on the ceiling should be addressed immediately. Questions related to furnishing or the move-in date can also be discussed on site.

 Beatus Zimmermann, Porta Mallorquina franchise partner for long-term rental.

Beatus Zimmermann, Porta Mallorquina franchise partner for long-term rental.


During the property viewing, the immediate surroundings and the existing infrastructure should also be taken into account in the overall evaluation. After the appointment, it’s recommended that prospective tenants note down the key points as they generally view more than one property and it’s easy to lose track.

What are the motives of landlords who offer long-term property rental in Majorca?

Landlords generally have the same motive for long-term property rental: they want to make a profit from property which they are not using themselves. Often the property is to be passed on in the family or sold at a later point.

What are the motives of tenants who are interested in long-term property rental in Majorca?

Tenants are interested in long-term property rental for various reasons: Some have to be there for their jobs and rent for this period of time. Other tenants are looking for relaxation and use the property for leisure/holiday purposes. Many tenants are potential buyers who either cannot or do not want to make a decision to purchase at this point in time. However, they may want to have a fixed place to go or try out living in a region.

What are the most common problems that can occur with rental contracts in Majorca?

In Majorca, communication difficulties between landlords and tenants can often lead to misunderstandings as a result of the different native languages However, these are generally quickly cleared up through a discussion. Incomplete rental contracts in which important contractual items are missing or remain unclear can often lead to difficult problems. This could be related to the distribution of additional costs or the allocation for joint expenses or additional costs for gardening and pool maintenance. The rental contract should also clearly stipulate which party has to pay for the annual refuse and the Spanish property tax. The topic of keeping pets should also be addressed and clarified in advance, if this is of interest to the prospective tenants.


Desired properties in Majorca are apartments in the old town of Palma

Apartments in the old town of Palma are amongst the most desired properties in Majorca.

What is the minimum content that a rental contract should contain?

In principle, the rental contract should always be concluded in the written form. The following contractual items are required: Identification of landlord and tenant, identification of the property, start and end date of the contract, cost of rent, deposit amount, payment conditions and additional costs.

What additional costs can accrue?

In addition to the monthly rent to be paid, additional costs generally also accrue for residential property. These include consumption costs for electricity, water, gas or heating oil as well as costs for telephone/internet connections. Annual council taxes can also accrue. These include the refuse fee (tasas de basura e incineradora) and the Spanish property tax (IBI-Impuesto sobre bienes inmuebles). For residential areas, joint costs for the maintenance of the community area and for swimming pool or garden maintenance are also to be paid. However, these are usually already included in the monthly rent and so not charged to the tenant separately.

What does the tenant have to repair and renew at his own costs?

In general, the landlord is responsible for the functionality and habitability of the property. The landlord is obliged to carry out all repairs which guarantee the habitability and sound use of the living space. Small repairs, so called “decorative repairs” which occur as a result of normal wear and tear of the living space must be carried out by the tenant. A prerequisite for the effectiveness of a small repairs clause is that the tenant has an influence on the accrual of costs. After the end of the contract, the tenant must return the property and the inventory in the same condition as it was received, taking into account daily wear and tear. The tenant must leave the property swept clean, paint work or renovations are generally not required when moving out.

What does “minimum rental period of 12 months” actually mean?

According to the Spanish Rental Law (LAU -Ley 29/1994, de 24 de noviembre, de Arrendamientos Urbanos), the minimum rental duration for residential property is 12 months. For rental contracts, flexible rental periods apply in the first contract year, according to the Amendment to the Rental Law (Ley 4/2013, de 4 de junio). This means the tenant can practice the right to withdraw after a minimum contract duration of 6 months. In this case, the notice of termination must be given at least one month in advance. However, here the landlord can demand a compensation payment.

What benefits does a prospective tenant have when renting with Porta Mallorquina?

We start by carrying out a pre-selection from our extensive property portfolio based on the search profile. This saves prospective tenants both time and effort when it comes to searching for the right property.

Our market knowledge means we are able to give clients an exact picture of the local market condition and market developments. We know the fair market rental price for property and can also justify it. We are able to provide our customers with expert advice on both legal and cultural regional characteristics, ensuring they are well informed about all aspects. Our customers have an honest and objective agent on their side to help deal with the rental property owner. Thanks to our well planned procedures, we can guarantee a professional and organised process when renting the selected rental property. We continue to support our customers after the successful conclusion of the rental contract, helping with any problems which may occur.

Who pays the estate agent and how much does it cost?

Our agent’s fee is 1.7 monthly rents plus VAT (21% IVA), payable by the rental party (tenant) upon signing the contract. Our terms and conditions are also contained in the property report which is sent to the customers in a rental survey.

Do you have any questions about long-term rental in Majorca? The Porta Mallorquina rental team is happy to answer any questions you may have.

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am requiring a 12 month long term rental in Can Pastilla commencing Mid-October 16.
    Can you add me to your email list and send me details of anything you have available please? I am looking at 1/2 bedrooms with an upper rental limit of approx 850 euros.
    Thank you for your help
    Mrs Karen O’Neill

    • Dear Mrs. O’Neill, please be so kind and send us your contact details to info@portamallorquina. com. We will then forward your request to our rental agent, who will contact you as soon as possible. Best regards, your Porta Mallorquina Team

  2. Dear Sir/Madam
    I & my partner are looking to rent a min 2 bed apt in & around Palma centre or Can Pastilla or Palma Nova areas, The rental limits approx £850.00 GBP per month, We are looking to rent for at least 12 months commencing from mid oct 2017, A sea & beach outlook would be nice, However up to a max of ten ( 10 ) mins walk from the property
    Regards John Nicholson.

    • Dear Mr. Nichoslon,

      Thank you for your request. We have forwarded your message and our rental agent will contact you directly in reference to your request.

      Best regards,

  3. An elderly friend of mine has been living in Mallorca for 7 years. She has rented a very small flat for the whole of this time and paid cash monthly. She is now paying through her bank and consequently the landlord has asked her to leave and is threatening her. In the UK harrissment of this kind is clear but is there any protection in Spain? Help would be appreciated.

    • Dear Julia,
      thank you for trusting in our company. In this case we would recommend contacting a lawyer. Best regards and a Happy New Year.
      Best regards, Your Porta Mallorquina Team