A profile of Alejandra Fernandez Miro, our franchise partner in the Northwest

Born in Argentina from a Spanish family, also involved in the real estate business, returned to live to Spain about fifteen years ago. Having grown up professionally mostly in the travel sector, working for airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways and assuming different management positions in handling airport services in Spain, she was always fond of meeting different cultures and discovering places around the world.

Alejandra Fernandez Miro, Porta Mallorquina franchise partner in the Northwest.

Alejandra Fernandez Miro, Porta Mallorquina franchise partner in the Northwest.

Having this experience and perspective, she loved Majorca since the very first day. Married to Herbert, a German flight captain who also shares the passion for the island, they moved to Valldemossa three years ago from Barcelona. Being already both very familiar with the island, due to professional and personal ties developed along the years, she decided to go into a new challenge. In 2012, after some work experience with Porta Mallorquina in the SW area, she acquired the Northwest franchise license of PM.

What is special for me in Majorca?

It is the place where I can best find everything what I like … wonderful nature, incredible different landscapes, good weather, absolute cosmopolitan atmosphere, great city life in Palma, possibility to enjoy top glamorous places and, at the same time, adorable village or country life, cult to traditions, excellent access to all Europe, good infrastructures and services, and last but not least… all this without losing authentic Majorcan spirit. Majorcans have achieved to imprint their culture and traditions in all the ones who live here and love the island. We all feel a bit “Mallorquins”!

If Majorca would be a piece of music…

For me, Majorca would be a good selection of lounge, chill-out and smooth jazz music…

Which place would you show first to a visitor?

I would definitely bring them up to Valldemossa to visit such a picturesque village and then, we would drive along the impressive coast road to visit lovely Deiá, where we would certainly have a break in a “chiringuito” in Cala Deiá to enjoy the spectacular spot. Later, we would go on and finish the day having dinner in one of the many good restaurants in Port Sóller.

My favourite restaurant…

It is really difficult to select one, having such a good huge offer… and I like a lot of them. But if I have to select one, it comes up immediately to my mind “Bens d’Avall”. Not only because of the food quality and service, but because of the amazing sea and Tramuntana views, where you can also enjoy unforgettable sunsets!

Being Spanish-Argentinian, living in Majorca is…

I think that living in Majorca is really a privilege for everybody. I just can say I feel very happy and at home. To have the possibility to enjoy all this every day is more that you could ask for…So, thanks God!

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