The mermaid amongst Mallorca’s artists

For discoverers of art: A visit to the studio of the artist Vivian Borsani in Santa Catalina

”Always be yourself until you are a mermaid, then always be a mermaid”,

a quote by the author Penelope Pewter translated from the English perfectly suits the artist Vivian Birsani.

Vivian was born in Brazil, grew up in Germany and later moved to France and Italy to study art.

The Mallorca resident has lived in many countries, something which is typical for creative people who settle on the island. Her art reflects beauty, vitality, and a myriad of colours found on the Mediterranean just as in the tropics. Whether fish, flowers or blossoms – nature and the sea play a leading role in Vivian’s powerful, wild, almost unrestrained brush strokes. After all, this positive person was born in Brasil where she spent the first six years of her life before her family moved to Hamburg. Her artistic education took place in Paris, Venice and at the School of Visual Arts New York in Urbino in Italy, and for 20 years she has lived and painted on the island which she has known since her childhood. During this time she made a career for herself here – recently a famous tennis player bought a large painting from her, and collectors now come from Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. The pretty, blond, young-at-heart lady, born in 1965, now has exhibitions not only on the island but is represented in galleries Europe-wide in Brighton, Padua, and Panama.

The artist reflects nature in her works.

In particular Borsani works closely with designers in England and Mallorca. If you wish to immerse yourself in the seductive fish and flower cosmos of the artist this is best done directly in her studio in a little, old fisherman’s cottage in the trendy Santa Catalina district– a dream of an (open) studio. She paints on the upper floor on big canvases, often kneeling or stooping between tubes of paint, paintpots and brushes, always with views of her green patio-garden. On the lower level there is space to admire her pictures and to be intoxicated by colours and impressions. She regularly organises exhibitions here together with other artist colleagues – usually at Easter and always on Palma’s art evening, the ‘Nit de l’art’ which usually takes place on the last-but-one weekend in September.

The artworks of Vivian Borsani are always considered very colorful.

Artstudio Vivian Borsani

facebook / instagram: VivianBorsani

Palma, C / Fabrica, 13b

Tel. + 34/697 28 81 00

mo – fr  10 am – 2 pm (usually)

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