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finca in Santanyi

Santanyi, Designer finca near Santanyi

360 m²

17.800 m²


€ 2,850,000.-

finca in Santanyi

Santanyi, Wonderful natural stone Finca near to Santanyi

420 m²

16.700 m²


€ 1,995,000.-

finca in Santanyi exclusive

Santanyi, Wonderful finca property near Santanyi

300 m²

16.000 m²


€ 1,890,000.-

finca in Santanyi sold

Santanyi, Wonderful, brand-new finca close to Santanyi

570 m²

14.100 m²



finca in Santanyi

Santanyi, Country house with mosaic pool in Santanyí

260 m²

14.109 m²


€ 1,680,000.-

finca in Santanyi

Santanyi, Country house with pool in Es llombards

300 m²

16.839 m²


€ 1,480,000.-

finca in Santanyi

Santanyi, Sunny country house with distant views to Santanyí

350 m²

14.000 m²


€ 1,200,000.-

plot in Santanyi

Santanyi, Plot of land with ruin

51.208 m²



€ 649,000.-

house in Santanyi

Santanyi, Antique mill in central location with house

400 m²

400 m²


€ 600,000.-

house in Santanyi

Santanyi, Newly-renovated town house in the heart of Santanyi

120 m²

165 m²


€ 480,000.-

plot in Santanyi

Santanyi, Building plot in Santanyi

21.046 m²

300 m²

€ 460,000.-

house in Santanyi new

Santanyi, Charming chalet with renting licence near Cala Figuera

281 m²

700 m²


€ 425,000.-

house in Santanyi

Santanyi, Village house in Santanyí with great view of Sant Salvador and the village

170 m²

240 m²


€ 390,000.-

apartment in Santanyi

Santanyi, Beautiful penthouse apartment on approximately 130 sqm central in Santanyi

130 m²


€ 380,000.-

plot in Santanyi

Santanyi, Rural building plot with project in walking distance to Santanyí

14.206 m²



€ 350,000.-

plot in Santanyi new

Santanyi, Beautiful building plot in Santanyi

14.556 m²



€ 345,000.-

plot in Santanyi

Santanyi, Plot with building permission

14.206 m²

300 m²

€ 340,000.-

house in Santanyi reduced

Santanyi, House with lots of potential close to the beach in Cala Llombards

110 m²

358 m²


€ 312,000.-

house in Santanyi

Santanyi, This town house is in the centre of Es Llombards

210 m²

183 m²


€ 225,000.-

plot in Santanyi

Santanyi, Sunny plot in Cala Llombards

460 m²


€ 200,000.-


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About Santanyi and surrounding area:


Santanyi is an authentic city in the southeast of Mallorca

Santanyi is the southernmost municipality of Majorca. The county town of the same name has around 3300 inhabitants, of which 9% are German. Santanyi is characterised by its proximity to Majorca's beautiful and unspoilt South Eastern coast.

A checkered history

Archaeological finds at Cas Traginer and Son Cosme Ponc suggest that the area of Santanyi was already inhabited in Roman times. The place name Santanyí is derived from the Latin "Sanctus Agnus" (Holy sheep), and therefore a sheep has adorned the coat of arms until today. The Arabs settled mainly in Alqueria Blanca: (German white village), an equally idyllic and sleepy town, which also belongs to the municipality.

Platz in Santanyi

Authentische Impression aus Santanyi

Santañy was documented for the first time in 1242, after the reconquest of the island. Between the 14th and 17th century the town suffered particularly from pirate attacks, who often went to the nearby island of Cabrera for shelter. When the village was looted and vandalised again in 1531, 40 families left their homeland to settle in the island's interior. Another momentous pirate attack occurred in 1546, when 36 residents were kidnapped. They were only released again on payment of high ransom. An early warning system was built by the construction of watchtowers on Mallorca's coast, to decrease the threat of pirate attacks. A fortress was built in the17th century at the city gate, named the "Porta Murada" and can still be seen today, protected by the resort.

Plaza in Santanyí

Cafes at a Plaza

Santanyi has long been a purely agricultural community. The soils are not among the most fertile in the island, thus a population increase in the 19th century lead simultaneously to a wave of emigration to Algeria. Only with the beginning of tourism early 50s, the tide turned and the community quickly developed into a hotspot for Majorca holidaymakers.

The organ of a true Master

Santanyi is an authentic Mallorcan town, its colourful weekly market attracts many visitors every Wednesday and Saturday. The parish church of Sant Andreu in the Plaza Major is also worth a visit. For here you find the baroque organ of the royal organ builder Jordi Bosch, which is considered a true masterpiece. With 1,104 pipes, it has the largest registry in the world. To ensure the air supply for the countless pipes, the 1765 built organ was equipped with a second wind box. Jordi Bosch consequently founded a new school of organ building.

Due to the proportions and magnificent ornaments of the instrument, this organ is recognised as truly unique, and it originally stood in Palma’s Santo Domingo Convent until the wake of the secularisation in Santanyi.

A coast full of natural beauty

The municipality of Santanyi has a coastline of about 35 kilometres, half of which is built along. Dream coves such as Cala Santanyi, Cala Es Llombards and Cala Figuera are among the most popular holiday destinations on the island.

Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera

The municipality of Santanyi has a coastline of about 35 kilometres, half of which is built along. Dream coves such as Cala Santanyi, Cala Es Llombards and Cala Figuera are among the most popular holiday destinations on the island. The many top properties in the sealine show that many Mallorca lovers have permanently settled here. The rocky coastline in the southeast of the island surprises with its deep bays, which offer surprisingly large sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

Very popular with bathers is the "Parc natural de Mondragó", which is five kilometres east of Santanyi. The 785 acre site was placed under protection in 1992. Behind the two dream areas of "S'Amarador" and "Font de n'Alis" is an orginal Mediterranean fauna, with 70 species of birds and endangered tortoises.

Luxurious villas and charming townhouses

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