Places Mallorca – the new Fincahotel Guide

Mallorca is known for its unique rural hotels, historical estates, possessions and aristocratic estates that have been polished with great love and effort as gems and which offer tranquility and relaxation off the mass tourism.

Fincas in Majorca

Places Mallorca – the new Finca hotel Guide

To this day, there are more than 200 Finca hotels in Majorca and PLACES MALLORCA is the first extensive guide specialized in rural tourism.

Most of the 210 featured properties have been personally visited by the editors. This effort was rewarded by many personal impressions of the properties, which are reflected in the articles of the guide and therefore make PLACES MALLORCA stand out above the standard hotel descriptions.

Categorized in regions, the reader quickly finds through the magazine. A summary of each Hotel informs on facilities and prices; selected properties are presented in German, English and Spanish.

PLACES MALLORCA comprises the advantages of a magazine with the informative content of a travel guide. Wonderful images invite to read more and make you want to start planning your next vacation.

This 100-page rural hotel guide is now available for 6.50 € in all Blue-Press Kiosks on Majorca. An introduction of this publication can be found in this reading sample.

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